Our group is composed of professors, PhDs and engineers collecting the best skills in the field of Control and Automation Systems, Mechanical System Design and Energy Management that are distilled from the purely academic context in order to provide better tailored services to production industries. The experience of our team is quite vast, both from a pure academic and industrial point of view.

This includes:

10 European Projects on energy modelling and control
200 publications in international journals and conferences
7 patents at national and European level on design and testing of industrial process control system
1 pending patent on predictive control for industrial steam generators

Our Team

Prof. Luca FERRARINI, CEO and Partner

luca.ferrarini@automaton.it | Phone: +39 320 464 4464

After graduating summa cum laude in Electronic Engineering in 1988 at Politecnico di Milano, attains the Master’s degree CEFRIEL in “Information Technology in Industrial Processes Control” in 1990. Since 1990, he refers to the DEIB (Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione) department of Politecnico di Milano as full professor, teaching courses of automation, industrial automation and discrete event systems modeling. He is co-author of five patents concerning the industrial control systems designing and testing field, two of them extended to the European focus. He is author of over 200 publications, including scientific works published on papers and conferences – both national and international – research and academic books, books chapters and editorials. Since 2008, he holds the “Information Technology Engineering” course in Tongji University of Shangai. He has been the national president of ANIPLA (Associazione Nazionale Italiana Per l’Automazione) and member of different technical committees from IEEE and IFAC. He coordinated various Italian and European research projects in both the industrial automation field and the energy system control field.

Eng. Carlo MEDA , CTO and Partner

Carlo.meda@automaton.it | Phone: +39 334 208 3768 

Carlo Meda was born in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI) in 1951 and graduated as a metalworking expert in 1971 at the G. G. Feltrinelli technical institute in Milan. After several work experiences in companies in the mechanical sector as a designer of machines and systems, he concludes his work experience at the company Italpresse S.p.a. of Bagnatica where he holds the role of technical department manager, contributing to the evolution of the company from an initial manufacturer of machinery for the wood sector to a recognized manufacturer of more complex systems. In 2019 he opened his own business “CARLOMEDA project & consulting” as a supplier of projects and consultancy in industrial sectors with a high demand for innovation. He is the author of several patents made at the Italpresse company and a convinced promoter of greater dissemination of technical culture within the company. In 2020 with other partners, he founded AUTOMATON as an innovative start-up focusing on engineering consulting and implementation for different industries.

Dr. Soroush RASTEGARPOUR, Control & Automation Manager and Partner

Soroush.rastegarpour@automaton.it | Phone: +39 328 284 8176

After graduating in PhD of Systems and Control engineering in 2019 at Politecnico di Milano, he joined DAISY Lab, DEIB, Politecnico di Milano, as a Postdoctoral Researcher on modelling and control of complex dynamical systems. Throughout the course of his career, he has perfected his engineering skills by participating in several different industrial and research projects in Greece (NTNUA university), Sweden (Chalmers university), Denmark (Technical university) and Italy. Beside all these research activities, he held the course of Control and Automation Theory and application in bachelor and master level at Tongji university in Shanghai, China. He had also three years work experience in oil & gas industries as a control and instrumentation engineer. He founded AUTOMATON company as an innovative start-up with other professional partners in December, 2020.

Eng. Claudio BROLIS, Mechanical Design Manager and Partner

Claudio.brolis@automaton.it | Phone: +39 338 473 3762

Mechanical designer with 20 years of experience with work in the field Presses and machines for wood processing and handling, mechanical automation of vending machines, machines for laser engraving and laser cleaning, design of water purification systems, pumping systems for boilers and exchangers, rendering of industrial products. He founded AUTOMATON company as an innovative start-up with other professional partners in December, 2020.

Eng. Davide GAMBA, 3D Digitalization Manager and Partner

Davide.gamba@automaton.it | Phone: +39 393 100 2000

He founded AUTOMATON company as an innovative start-up with other professional partners in December, 2020.

Eng. Emre ACIR, Control & Automation division

Emre.Acir@automaton.it | Phone:

Emre has obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Control and Automation Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. He practiced both high level and local level controller projects including realizations with plc and micro controller applications. Subsequently, Emre obtained his Master’s degree in Automation and Control Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in April 2021. After his graduation, Emre continued his career in DEIB department of Politecnico di Milano as a researcher. Recently, he joined the control and automation division of AUTOMATON company.

Eng. Cristiano CALVI, Mechanical Design division

Cristiano.calvi@automaton.it | Phone:

Automation Engineering student at Politecnico di Milano and active collaborator in project development. Recently, he joined the Mechanical design division of AUTOMATON company.