San Giorgio S.p.a, Milan, Italy

San Giorgio company is going to do the mechanical design and automation control of a composition plant of plywood panels The case study of this project includes several electro mechanical devices, such as conveyor belts, elevator tables, industrial robotic arms, a glue extruder, a rotary table and a press machine, which are strictly interacting Automaton aims at designing the mechanical arts and fully automatizing the whole plant.

STPC Petrochemical company (PET production)

STPC company is going to improve the plant equipment operational efficiency through advanced control techniques The plant consists of four series chemical reactors The project aims at finding the optimal setting of the process variables in order to optimize the final product quality in terms of viscosity, color and purity.

Cannon Bono Energia company, Milan, Italy

Bono Energia company is going to develop a detailed dynamical model of their industrial water tube boiler with all thermal equipment The steam generator consists of several thermo mechanical systems such as Evaporators, Super heaters, Boiler drum, Attemperators and economizers The proposed model can be used for both cold and warm start up analyses, testing of different control strategies and feasibility study of any redesigning of equipment.

Cannon Bono Energia company, Milan, Italy

Bono Energia company is going to d evelop an advanced predictive control system for the heat recovery system of a fire tube steam generators The complex mechanical structure of the patented heat recovery system is able to save significantly overall energy consumption of the boiler However, the stability and control of the fume and water circulation flowrate is very complicated issue.

FantiniCosmi company, Milan, Italy

FantiniCosmi company is going to develop an advanced control system for the optimization of comfort and energy consumption of living environments based on the user location The question is this How to operate the HVAC system in order to fit the user request based on the location of the user (GPS info).

STEMA ALGOL 5000 ASRS, Arosio Italy

STEMA group is going to d esign and implement a smart loading unloading decision maker algorithm for a smart storage unit Despite having a final mechanical design, the STEMA group certainly needed a driving algorithm in order to function autonomously.

Politecnico di Milano university, Milan, Italy

Politecnico di Milano is going to design and implement an en ergy resources management system for their educational building, in particular Building 25 The proposed educational building consists of 14 classrooms and 4 common spaces served by 2 industrial heat pumps, two ir handling units and local fan coils.